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“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature with an open mind.”  Paracelsus

Know Thyself, Heal Thyself

At M.T.O. Holistic Medical Center, we use pioneering diagnostic equipment along with the wisdom of the 1,400-year-old art of Sufi Healing. We first assess the whole person to determine the underlying source of imbalance to the human system. With this information we guide each individual in the area that will most benefit them—with dietary counseling, environmental and emotional purifications, or whatever else may be necessary to return overall balance and health.

While Western medicine tends to focus on treating and reducing the physical symptoms of disease, along with critical emergency care, holistic medicine focuses on reducing the underlying causes of disease, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. The goals of holistic care are to establish immediate balance with long-term health as the ultimate objective...including patient education and lifestyle changes that maintain health over time.

Health Assessments Help Us Help You

With a complete and comprehensive evaluation of your overall health, we can taylor the most appropriate treatment protocols to your individual needs. We recommend beginning with the Whole Health Assessment.end of article


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Maktab Tarighat Oveyssi Shahmaghsoudi®

DISCLAIMER:  The extent of the response to treatment varies from patient to patient — even with similar diagnosis — as the internal bodily environment is unique to each individual patient.

At M.T.O. Holistic Medical Center, holistic medicine means treating the “whole” person—inside and out. This includes the physical body, thoughts and emotions, spiritual concerns, the energy fields within and around the physical body, along with external and environmental influences, and much more.

Conditions We Treat: Allergies, Autism, Auto Immune Disorders, Blood Sugar Disorders, Cancer, Cardiac Conditions, Digestive Disorders, Endocrine Imbalances (Adrenal, Ovarian/Testicular, Pituitary, Thyroid), Immune Disorders, Lymphatic Issues, Neurological Disorders, Psychological Disorders (Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive–Compulsive/Eating)